When you know you look good – everything is better.

Yet that feeling seems so elusive!

Maybe your habitual style is out of synch with who you really are. Perhaps your life has taken you in new directions – and your clothes haven’t quite caught up. Or you might just be ready to stop feeling so uncertain about making color and style choices!

What would it be like to feel happy and confident when you open your closet door? How would it feel to know that every outfit you own is attractive and harmonious? We all seem to think that we’re just supposed to know how to pick out the colors and styles that make us authentically attractive. But there’s an art and a science behind looking good. And it’s not an art or a science that’s taught in school, or that you can learn at your mother’s knee.

Hi. I’m Bernie Burson.

I was never one of those people who instinctively “get” clothes. In fact, I spent most of my teen years in jeans and a T-shirt, wishing I knew more about how to dress well and look good. I understand what it’s like to wonder how to pick the colors and styles that would work for me. And I understand what it’s like to follow advice from books and magazines and feel worse about my appearance instead of better! That’s why I immersed myself in the study of color, design, style, and how each of those can become an expression of my clients’ true personality. And that’s why I love helping my clients find the colors and styles that help them look good – and discover the confidence that comes when their appearance is authentic and harmonious. Whether you’re looking for a complete color-and-closet overhaul, or you want to know what’s best to wear when you ask your boss for a promotion – I can help.


“I just want to look put together.”

I hear this all the time. You want your personal style to reflect who you are, but you struggle with how to put it all together.

I can help you:

  • Discover which colors look best on you
  • Choose clothing that flatters your figure
  • Learn to put outfits together
  • Accessorize your outfits

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I enjoyed the time with you and I have benefitted greatly. I now shop and look into my closet with confidence that I will “clothe the day”. Again, thank you for your help. By the way, the wedding went well, I got lots of compliments on my dress, hat, etc. the whole outfit. In fact, I get more compliments on my dress these days than I ever have before.


Thanks Bernie — This change is fantastic for me. I look better; Ifeel better, and this impacts my clients’ perceptions in ways I couldn’t have anticipated. The investment of time and money was more than worth it for the expertise and the upgrade in confidence, image, and knowledge of the colors and fashions that work best for me, and why.


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Bernie Burson is a proud member of Color Designers International

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