How It Works

What does it take for your appearance to be a natural expression of who you are, reflected in the clothing and accessories that help you look and feel great?

There are three essential steps to the process.

How do colors relate to you?

Begin by understanding how color affects the appearance of your eyes, hair, and skin.
When you wear the wrong colors, you may not know why it’s wrong, but you know you’re not looking your best. (And who wants to go through life looking “meh”?)

When you wear your right colors, you’re attractive and magnetic.  Your eyes come alive and your skin glows.

Your style recipe

Once you’ve experienced the confidence of knowing your best colors – and the thrill of seeing how great you look in them! – you’re ready for the second step: discovering your style recipe.

Style is much more than fashion.  Fashion changes, but your style is always a consistent expression of you.  Your style recipe gives you the words to describe that unique expression.  And that gives you the understanding you need to pick clothes that are in alignment with who you are – so you can dress with purpose and intent.

You’ll feel like you’re appearing as your true self, confident that you’re conveying the messages you intend to convey.  You’ll hear compliments on how you appear, rather than on your clothing.  And you’ll be able to shop for investment pieces that you can know will work for you.

Into the closet – and out to the store

You’ll be amazed at how many different outfits you can create when you use your new knowledge to review what’s already in your closet.

And you’ll be delighted at the feeling of confidence and relief that comes from letting go – without guilt! – of pieces that never worked for you.  (It’s fun when you understand why they never worked!)

Shopping becomes a focused selection of choices that are right for you. You’ll save money because you’ll avoid mistakes.  Instead of being frustrated and overwhelmed with choices – you’ll feel excited and pleased and, as one client told me, “like royalty!”

It’s that easy!

I never try to fit anyone into an idea of what they “should” look like.  Instead, I see your unique coloring, textures, patterns, and design lines. I see the potential to bring out your best look and help you appear in harmony. Then I talk with you and get to know your personality.

When these two aspects of you come together – your unique physical style with your unique personality – we find the natural expression of who you are through the clothes and accessories that will help you look and feel great.

This is an investment in your confidence and self esteem – which can pay off in improved career opportunities and more satisfying relationships. And it’s an investment in your bank account, since you’ll save money by buying fewer mistakes – and by getting far more use out of every purchase you make.

What would it be like for you to experience this difference?

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